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Cad / Cam systems have been used in dentistry for over 10 years. They have become indispensable in the high-precision fabrication of dental crowns, dental prostheses and implant abutments. Cad / Cam technologies are based on preliminary 3D computer modeling of the teeth. When all changes have been made, file restoration model- dental crowns, dental prostheses and implant abutments, is sent to the milling machine.

The use of high-tech muffle furnaces, ceramic tiles, milling equipment and other innovative technologies from renowned manufacturers Renfert and KaVo, combined with the extensive experience of our dentists, allows us to produce the best quality prostheses, crowns and abutments.

Cad / Cam is an automated programming system that includes a number of subsystems:

  • CAD – “computer-aided design” – software for the automated construction of a 3-dimensional computer model.
  • CAM – “computer-aided manufacturing” – manufacturing of a product based on a previously captured 3D model using specialized software.

The complete production cycle for crowns / prostheses on a zirconium oxide framework is as follows:

The dentist takes the mold out, which is then placed in the scanner in the dental laboratory. With its help, a 3D model of the future product is formed.

The file with the model is loaded into special software, which is used on a milling machine in the process of creating a frame from a special workpiece based on zirconium oxide.