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Non Removable prosthesis

Dental clinics and individual practicing dentists can order fixed dentures from our laboratory. In our laboratory we manufacture various types of fixed dentures, including:

  • Microprostheses (inlays and veneers);
  • Dental crowns;
  • Dental Bridges

We use only modern, reliable and hygienically safe materials for the manufacture of fixed dentures. Depending on the patient’s goals and the dentist’s recommendations, we use metals, ceramics, zirconia or plastic (for temporary prostheses) in the product․

Metal crowns and bridges are no less strong and durable than metal-ceramic ones. But their appearance is not very aesthetic. Therefore, in recent years, one-piece prostheses lined with special plastic or ceramics have been popular.

Dentures made of ceramics or zirconium dioxide look great and serve for a long time. The production of fixed dentures from these materials in our laboratory is carried out in compliance with all standards and using the most modern technologies.